Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station

Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station 20 Center St., Yarmouth, Maine 04096




Winter Session: January 6 - March 13 (no regular class Feb. 16-20)

Spring Session: March 30 to May 15 (no regular class April 17 - 24)


To register:Go to

                                   or call (207) 846-2406 or walk in

To register for classes marked with a * in the schedule, email the instructors directly:

Annie Witte:     Charlie Paschal:      Kat Gillies:





DRAWING FROM THE IMAGINATION w/ Vance Bessey 3:00-5:00pm S Age: 10-14

Discover the art of using form to create objects, people and animals without reference and put them into environments to create a graphic world from your own imagination.                                                                         

Spring Program #: VB15S      Location: Upstairs             Fee: $120 


CARTOONING AND COMIC BOOK ART w/Jay Piscopo 6:30-8:00pm S Age: 8-18  

Students will learn essential drawing techniques and work on creating basic story structures to develop unique characters and individual comics. Each week Jay will share professional drawing secrets to guide students in the art of storytelling, character development and design. Keeping a sketchbook will be encouraged.


Spring Program #: JP15S       Location: Downstairs         Fee: $120 



Age: Teen -Adult 

Date: Every Monday Night, APRIL and MAY

Time:  7:00-9:00pm


Participants will work with a live, clothed model for 5,10 and 30-minute poses.

All artistic abilities welcome. Provide your own materials. Easels available on a first-come basis.


No registration necessary. Just walk in!

Fee: $10





FISH TALES ART FOR THE YOUNG EXPLORER w/Charlie Paschal 10:00am-noon  S Age: 3-6

Kids dive into class to explore ideas about ocean life through creative experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture, creative dramatics and songs! 

Spring Program #: CP15F      Location: Downstairs              Fee: $120





 DO IT YOURSELF, Kids! w/Leslie Hamren 3:30 - 5:30pm  S     Age: 7-9

Make boats out of driftwood and fabric, placemats from original artwork, frameable art and more!  You’ll make a new project each week. Bring a snack and dress for mess.  

Spring Program #: LH15S    Location: Downstairs            Fee: $120


FUN-CTIONAL POTTERY w/ Kat Gillies   7:00-9:00 pm S   Age: All

This clay class introduces a variety of concepts and techniques used in contemporary ceramic object-making --  slab, pinch, coil, tile and press molds. Develop ideas and learn new skills through building, finishing and firing ceramic vessels, plates or other dishware. (Open to all levels - no experience necessary)  


Spring Program #: KG15S  Location: Downstairs Fee: $285 (20 lbs. clay/ slips incl.)



SCULPTING WILDLIFE w/ Anne Alexander  3:30-5:30pm  S Age: 6-11 

Create minks, manatees, monkeys and miscellaneous creatures in many different media - papier maché, found object, wire and clay! You will learn the art of taking drawings to 3D form for fun, fantasy and sharing with friends!

Spring Program #: AAa15S  Location: Downstairs   Fee: $120

PAINTING w/ Tom Flanagan   7:00-9:00pm   Age: Teen/Adult


This is a studio course which provides a fundamental theoretical and technical approach to making representational paintings on canvas.

After an initial overview of color and composition, followed by a brief cycle of basic color-mixing and paint handling exercises, most of the remaining in-class time is spent actually making paintings, with ongoing guidance and critique of works in progress, and periodic group critique and discussion of finished works.

No hazardous thinners are involved, only water and Acrylic paint.

Beginners welcome!

Spring Program #TF15S Location: Downstairs   Fee: $130



THE ART PRACTICE w/ Diana Johnson 10:00-Noon S(4 weeks each only) Age: Adult

Join this open studio group to deepen your art practice experience.  Bring a painting to work on or to start. Your choice of medium, i.e. acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.  You will learn strategies to critique your own work and receive individualized help with techniques and composition.  


Spring Program# DJ15S (April 30, May 7, 14, 24)   Location: Downstairs   Fee: $75 








INTRO TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY w/ Mike Leonard  Age: Teen-Adult

Thursday: April 2/2015    6:30pm to 8:30pm

All you need to know but did not read in your manual!  Learn how to take your camera out of that green 'Auto' mode and why you need to shoot in Raw.


Workshop Program #: W/MLa15S  04/02/2015  Location: Downstairs  Fee: $25 



INTRO TO PHOTOSHOP/PHOTO EDITING w/Mike Leonard      Age: Teen/Adult                                                                  

Thursday: April 9/2015  6:30pm to 8:30pm

Learn how to process images taken in Raw mode as well as simple cropping and resizing.  Participants bring their own images. 


Workshop Program #: W/MLb15S 04/09/2015 Location: Downstairs  Fee: $25 


AFTER DARK w/Mike Leonard   Age: Teen/Adult  

Thursdays: April 16/2015  6:30pm to 8:30pm

How to shoot at night with a demonstration and a presentation all about shooting after the sun sets. 


Workshop Program #: W/MLc15S 04/16/2015 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

*There will be a free review workshop to be announced in class


PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR ART w/ Mark Rockwood   Age: All 

Date: Saturday, April 11

Time: 3:00-5:00pm

In one afternoon learn how to make better photographs of your art. No matter what your medium, make better records of what you create. Mark Rockwood, a commercial photogarapher with 30 years experience doing product photography, will show you how to make the best photographs of your art with the tools you probably have in your own studio. He will show you the items you can add for pennies to expand quality and possibilities of the documents you can make of your own work. Mark will address both 2D and 3D object lighting as well as issues of color and file handling after the fact with hands on demonstrations. Learn to trouble shoot the 5 biggest problems which arise in photographing your work. 


Spring Workshop#: W/MR15S

Location: Downstairs

Fee: $33



Needle Felted Wool Buddies w/ Kathleen Gerdes


Date: Thursday, April 16

Time: 3:30 -5:30pm

Age: 7-15

Min/Max: 4/15


These irresistible little creatures are easy to make and great for beginners!


You will have a choice of owls, frogs, seals, pigs and many other adorable animals.  Each student can make one buddy in our class but you will be ready to make many more at home.  Needle felting is an easy craft that is inexpensive and fun to share with friends. 


Spring Workshop#: W/KG15S

Location: Downstairs

Fee: $33 





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