Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station

Firehouse Arts at Winslow Station 20 Center St., Yarmouth, Maine 04096



FALL(F) 2014. WINTER(W) 2015. SPRING(S) 2015



NOTE:Yarmouth Community Services is now registering classes for Firehouse Arts

To register:Go to

                                   or call (207) 846-2406 or walk in





DRAWING FROM THE IMAGINATION w/ Vance Bessey 3:00-5:00pm S Age: 10-14

Discover the art of using form to create objects, people and animals without reference and put them into environments to create a graphic world from your own imagination.

Spring Program #: VB15S      Location: Upstairs             Fee: $120

REMIX ART CLASS w/Annie Lloyd Witte 3:30- 5:00pm FWS  Age: 9-12

Create to change! Recycle-Upcycle! Embroider, weave, sew, stitch and laugh! Make creatures, bags, aprons, a collective mobile and other art-based projects using textiles, natural elements, and imagination!

COMPLETEFall Program #: ALW14F        Location: Downstairs    Fee: $125 

Winter Program #: ALW15W  Location: Downstairs    Fee: $125 

Spring Program #: ALW15S    Location: Downstairs    Fee: $125 


PAPER PLAY w/ Sue Hammerland 3:30-5:30pm  F    Age: 6-11

After-school intensive paper-folding (origami etc.), cardboard constructions, paper-making, poster-creating, collaging, creative thinking and lip-smacking snacking. Explore individual projects, and collaborate in group sculptural installations!

COMPLETEFall Program #: SHa14F           Location: Upstairs         Fee: $120


CARTOONING (Intermediate to Advanced) w/Rick Parker 6:30-8:00pm FWS Age: 8-18  

Learn how to create your own comic strip, comic book, or graphic novel from a famous cartoonist who has done all three.

COMPLETEFall Program #: RP14F           Location: Downstairs         Fee: $120

Winter Program #: RP15W     Location: Downstairs         Fee: $120

Spring Program #: RP15S       Location: Downstairs         Fee: $120 




FIELD GUIDE TO FABULOUS BEASTS w/ Charlie Paschal 10:00am-noon F Age: 3-6

Make a Kraken, Griffin or a Nessie! This class provides an abundance of learning opportunities and skill building through creative experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay and sculpture.

COMPLETEFall Program #: CP14F       Location: Downstairs              Fee: $125


FISH TALES ART FOR THE YOUNG EXPLORER w/Charlie Paschal 10:00am-noon F Age: 3-6

Kids dive into class to explore ideas about ocean life through creative experiences in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay, sculpture, creative dramatics and songs! 

Spring Program #: CP15F      Location: Downstairs              Fee: $120


DRAWING EXPLORATIONS w/ Marlena Faxon 3:00-5:00pm  FW    Age: 10-14

Sharpen your observation skills and technique to create forms and compelling compositions using pencils, charcoal and ink. Occasionally students will be asked to bring in their own subjects or desired materials.

COMPLETEFall Program #: MF14F       Location: Downstairs              Fee: $120

Winter Program #: MF15W Location: Downstairs            Fee: $120


DO IT YOURSELF, Kids! w/Leslie Hamren 3:30 - 5:30pm  S     Age: 7-9

Make boats out of driftwood and fabric, placemats from original artwork, frameable art and more!  You’ll make a new project each week. Bring a snack and dress for mess.  

Spring Program #: LH15S    Location: Downstairs            Fee: $120


OPEN CLAY STUDIO w/ Kat Gillies   7:00-9:00 pm FWS   Age: High School to Adult

This clay class introduces a variety of concepts and techniques used in contemporary ceramic object-making --  slab, pinch, coil, tile and press molds. Develop ideas and learn new skills through building, finishing and firing ceramic objects. (Open to all levels - no experience necessary)  

ALTEREDFall Program #: KG14F       Location: Downstairs   Fee: $285(20 lbs. clay/ slips incl.)          

Winter Program #: KG15W Location: Downstairs Fee: $285(20 lbs. clay/ slips incl.)           

Spring Program #: KG15S  Location: Downstairs Fee: $285(20 lbs. clay/ slips incl.)



SCULPTING WILDLIFE w/ Anne Alexander  3:30-5:30pm   FS Age: 6-11 

Create minks, manatees, monkeys and miscellaneous creatures in many different media - papier maché, found object, wire and clay! You will learn the art of taking drawings to 3D form for fun, fantasy and sharing with friends!

COMPLETEFall Program #: AAa14F  Location: Downstairs   Fee: $120

Spring Program #: AAa15S  Location: Downstairs   Fee: $120

PUPPET MANIA w/ Sue Hammerland  3:30-5:30pm   W     Age: 6-11

Plan and construct your very own character using papier-maché, cardboard, fabric, sponge, lolly-pops — almost anything you can think of — imagine the possibilities! Improv performances will be encouraged.

Winter Program #: SHb15W         Location: Upstairs         Fee: $120 


KNIT NIGHT w/ Kristina Truesdale   6:00 to 8:00pm   W      Age: All

Join Kristina and bring a friend for a fun night of knitting.  Beginners can start with the basics by creating a knitted "infinity scarf," while easy sweater patterns and techniques for making socks and mittens will be available for the more adventuresome. (A supply list will be provided on registration)

Winter Program #: KT15W         Location: Upstairs         Fee: $120 


STONE CARVING w/ Anne Alexander  6:00 - 8:00pm W Age: Teen to Adult

Students will choose blocks of alabaster stone to carve either an abstract or simplified figurative form using saws, rasps, files, and sandpapers. The works will be finished by wet sanding, oiling, and waxing. (Please bring $20 material fee to your first class)

Winter Program#: AAb15W       Location: Downstairs               Fee: $120  



THE ART PRACTICE w/ Diana Johnson 10:00-Noon FWS(4 weeks each only) Age: Adult

Join this open studio group to deepen your art practice experience.  Bring a painting to work on or to start. Your choice of medium, i.e. acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc.  You will learn strategies to critique your own work and receive individualized help with techniques and composition.  

COMPLETEFall Program# DJ14F (Oct. 9, 16, 23, 30)              Location: Downstairs    Fee: $75

Winter Program# DJ15W (Feb. 26, March 5, 12, 19) Location: Downstairs Fee: $75 

Spring Program# DJ15S (April 30, May 7, 14, 24)   Location: Downstairs   Fee: $75 


BYOPAINTING w/Sue Hammerland  6:00-9:00pm FW  Age: Adults

Need some creative time set aside to work on a painting? Need some direction and feedback? Give yourself the gift of a great space to work, in a relaxed atmosphere with thoughtful people. Beginners are welcome!

COMPLETEFall Program #: SHc14F             Location: Downstairs               Fee: $100 

Winter Program #: SHc15W       Location: Downstairs               Fee: $100




DO IT YOURSELF FOR ADULTS w/ Leslie Hamren   10:00am - Noon  W   Age: Adult  

Personalize your home and realize your potential every single week - block printing, card creating, painted botanicals, placemats and more!  Check website for list of projects. (Bring $20 supply fee to first class)

Winter Program #: LH15W      Location: Downstairs               Fee: $120



COMPLETEPAINTING PARTY w/ Sue Hammerland               Age: Adult

Saturday, October 11   -    7:00-9:00pm      

Are you looking for some creative entertainment? A new way to play with a friend/partner? Come to FA with a pal to paint each other’s non-professional-but-very-fun likeness using paint, colored pencil, pastel, crayon, collage, glitter and etc. Refreshments will be served.  Invite your friends and make it a party!

Workshop Program #: W/SHa14F Location: Downstairs      Fee: $20 



Wednesday, September 9 (Thursday 9/25 rain date) 

Join Mike for a night of discovery as you learn the art of shooting in the dark at the Cumberland Fair! We will meet in the Exhibition hall around 6:30 on Wednesday night for a briefing then we will head out around 7 PM to start shooting at  the fair.  If weather is not good we will postpone the outing to Thursday night.

Workshop Program #: W/MLd14F   Location: Cumberland Fair             Fee: FREE


INTRO TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY w/ Mike Leonard  Age: Teen-Adult

Thursdays: October 9/2014; Jan. 29/2015; April 2/2015    6:30pm to 8:30pm

All you need to know but did not read in your manual!  Learn how to take your camera out of that green 'Auto' mode and why you need to shoot in Raw.

COMPLETEWorkshop Program #: W/MLa14F  10/09/2014 Location: Downstairs  Fee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLa15W 01/29/2015 Location: DownstairsFee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLa15S  04/04/2015  Location: Downstairs  Fee: $25 



INTRO TO PHOTOSHOP/PHOTO EDITING w/Mike Leonard      Age: Teen/Adult                                                                  

Thursdays: October 16/2014; February 5/2015; April 9/2015  6:30pm to 8:30pm

Learn how to process images taken in Raw mode as well as simple cropping and resizing.  Participants bring their own images.

COMPLETEWorkshop Program #: W/MLb14F  10/16/2014 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLb15W 02/05/2015 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLb15S 04/09/2015 Location: Downstairs  Fee: $25 


AFTER DARK w/Mike Leonard   Age: Teen/Adult  

Thursdays: October 23/2014; February 12/2015; April 16/2015  6:30pm to 8:30pm

How to shoot at night with a demonstration and a presentation all about shooting after the sun sets.

COMPLETEWorkshop Program #: W/MLc14F  10/23/2014 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLc15W 02/12/2015 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

Workshop Program #: W/MLc15S 04/16/2015 Location: Downstairs Fee: $25 

*There will be a free review workshop to be announced in class


CONCRETE SCULPTURE CASTING w/ Vance Bessey    Age: Teen/Adult

Sunday, November 16    1:00-4:00pm

Create sculpture of substance and intrigue with this method of durable artistic expression. Whether for the garden or the table, you can make almost anything with today’s cement.

Workshop Program #: W/VB14F  Location Downstairs/Courtyard   Fee: $65



February break 16/17/18, 9am-12pm Age: 13 to Adult


This class will cover the basics of floor cloth making and explore color, design, pattern and texture with regular house paint on a 2'x3' or 3'x4' canvas. The cloths will then be sealed with a water based polyurethane finish that is durable and can be wiped clean with water. Bring to class $10 supply fee for canvas and materials.

Workshop Program #: W/MF14W  Location: Downstairs      Fee: $30 per day


COMPLETE HALLOWEEN COSTUME REDUX w/ Sue Hammerland Sat., Oct. 18/Sun., Oct. 19

                1:00-4:00pm     Age: Adults/Kids(in the company of an adult) 

I have A LOT of costumes and I bet you have one or two too! Bring your left-over costume-potential items to the workshop for swapping or re-cycling components! We will brainstorm ideas, help you put together a new look, or just adjust an old one in this “open studio” for those who need direction and help with sewing, gluing, taping or crafting their own or a child’s Halloween Costume.

Workshop Program #: W/SHb14F  Location: Upstairs  Fee: $20 per adult


CARD MAKING! w/ Leslie Hamren     Monday, Nov. 24     3:30 - 5:00pm Age: 7 -10

Make Thanksgiving place cards, holiday cards and frameable art using homemade block printing techniques.  Easy and fun!

Workshop Program #: W/LH14F   Location: Downstairs       Fee: $12


RETABLOS & TIN w/ Kat Gillies, Saturday, Dec. 13, 1:00-4:00pm   Age: All

Beginners and trained artists alike will paint retablos or votive paintings on small rectangular sheets of tin that will recall an event from your past that you are grateful for. Traditionally left at shrines in South and Central America, you can give yours to a loved one!

Workshop Program #: W/KG14F  Location: Downstairs      Fee: $40


CARVE A GIFT  w/ Anne Alexander Sunday, Dec. 14  2:00-5:00 PM    Age: 12-Adult

Carve into the soft stone of alabaster to create a one--of-a-kind pendant. Use small riffler files to shape, then sand and polish a form. Finish your piece by drilling a hole in the stone for display, or as a necklace pendant. 

Workshop Program #: W/AA14F           Location: Downstairs        Fee: $35 


SPECIAL: FREE Workshops 

INTRO TO STONE WALL BUILDING Thursday and Friday, Oct. 16/17, 1:00-4:00pm

Come to either class or both! but sign up for each day through YCS.

Class size limited to 12 students.

At the start of each class, local Landscape Architect, Tony Cowles, will discuss some basic concepts of landscape design, as well as the various media available for designing and crafting outdoor spaces. 

Students will then explore “Wall Design and Construction” with instructors from Gnome Landscaping, Falmouth. This educational demonstration will cover a variety of stone wall types, with emphasis on the techniques of building both dry-laid, and wet-laid stone walls. Instruction is geared to three groups: those interested in an introduction to a career as a professional stone mason; those interested in working on their own building or restoration of stone wall; and professionals who oversee or design stone masonry projects and would like to learn more. 

Students will learn the process of building a wall from scratch, including base preparation, stone selection, stacking, and the setting of capstones.  

All materials and services for the workshop will be provided, almost 75% of which has been donated by Gnome Landscaping and Cowles Studio.

Participants are encouraged to bring a pair of work gloves, safety glasses, and sturdy work boots.


Workshop Program #: W/GL14F  Location: Downstairs/Outside Courtyard     FREE



















STEEL WELDING w/ Bill Clarke  Two Sundays, Oct. 19 and 26, 1:00-5:00pm

“Introduction to Welding” will be taught by metal artist and educator, Bill Clarke, using a standard MIG welder and basic fabrication tools. The workshop project will involve the creative design and creation of a steel screen for placement at the Firehouse to both provide privacy and reflect the purpose of the center.  This class is for an entry level student who wants to learn basic welding safety and techniques, or for someone with basic knowledge looking to improve their welding and fabrication skills. Bring your Safety Glasses! 

Workshop Program #: W/BC14F  Location: Downstairs/Outside Courtyard     FREE 







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